Stud Mag Loaders

.25 FX Impact Stud Mag Loader



-4 Stud Mag Loaders.

-1 Feeder. 

-FX Impact MK2 And MK3

-28 Rounds


This is the ONLY Magazine loading system that allows you to fill your speed loaders WITHOUT HAND LOADING PELLETS.




Filling magazines at the range or in the field is no fun.

Load up your Stud Mag Loaders at home with the Stud Feeder put them in your shooting bag. When you empty your magazine it takes about 10 seconds to reload with our mag loaders.

Magazines cost about 3 times what a Stud Mag Loader does. Instead of spending  money on spare magazines you really only need one. Load up as many Stud Mag Loaders as you need for that shoot instead!